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“The Rays are the better team, with the best pitching staff of the four remaining teams. The Astros are playing well, and their lineup has experience. In the end, Tampa Bay’s depth will be too much for Houston.”

-Matt Martell Baseball Writer at Sports Illustrated

“Anderson has been stellar for Atlanta in his most recent outings. The 22-year-old finished the regular season with a 1.95 ERA in six starts and, in the playoffs, Anderson has pitched 11.2 innings without allowing a single run. On the whole, the Braves have been the best run prevention team in the playoffs, and Atlanta remains unblemished in the postseason.” 

-CBS Sports Staff

In the past three World Series of the MLB, the Houston Astros or Los Angeles Dodgers reach the finals. In the year 2016, both teams faced each other, and Houston got the victory 4-3.  Next year, the Dodgers returned to the final, but this time with a new rival, the Boston Red Sox. Dodgers missed the victory again, this time 4-1.

Last World Series, Houston came back against the Washington Nationals. Unlike 2016, they did not get the championship. Nationals won 4-3.

Now here we are, the final of the National League and American League.  The American League Conference Finals is between Houston Astros and Tampa Bay Rays.  The National League Conference Finals are between Houston Dodgers and Atlanta Braves.  To the surprise of many fans, Houston and Los Angeles are down in the series.  Tampa is ahead in the series 3-0, while in the National League, Atlanta is 2-0.

A lot of MLB fans are happy with the losing streak of the Astros since the famous notice of the trap in the 2017 championship.


In November of last year, former Astros pitcher Mike Fiers confirmed the Astros cheated and stole the signals in the 2017 playoffs. The Astros used technological equipment to steal the signals of their rivals during the 2017 playoffs, where they were champions.  They racked up 18 runs with 26 hits and six home runs.  The commissioner’s nine-page report details how the Astros picked up the catchers’ signals during the 2017 season on a television circuit and relayed them to hitters hitting a trash can.

These two teams are having a hard time being in the world series this season.

Houston Astros have injured their pitcher Justin Verlander, while Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw has been in spasm since Saturday, manager Dave Roberts confirms. Two difficult situations for both teams.

In the case of Dodgers, there have been more than ten teams that are down 0-2 and win.  In the Houston case, it’s almost impossible.  If they want to win, that means they can’t lose any other game.

Is it already definitive that the participants of the World Series will be the Tampa Bay Rays and the Atlanta Braves? Or could one of these two teams bring a miracle?

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