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The Trail Blazers win game one of the playoffs and look ready to go. Damian Lillard led his team to victory, scoring 34 points. With the help of CJ McCollum, who scored 21 points himself, and Jusuf Nurkic who not only scored 16 points, but had 15 rebounds. The Trail Blazer’s win game one, with no signs of slowing.

The Lakers held their own in the second and third quarter, but had no answer to the Trail Blazer’s perimeter shooting in the fourth quarter. The Lakers did a great job with moving the ball and getting it inside, but couldn’t get going from three-point land themselves. Not only that, but they couldn’t seem to stop the perimeter shot.

Watching Lillard play was a lot like watching Stephen Curry. His consistency from beyond the arch and his ability to drive in past defenders was unrivaled. Many shots were taken well beyond the three point line. No surprise that the Lakers had no response to the Trail Blazer’s strong guard game.


Anthony Davis and Lebron James performed as expected, leading their team in scoring, 28 points and 23 points respectively. Lebron James even had a triple double: 23 points, 17 rebounds and 16 assists. It didn’t matter because they didn’t have a third player to step up into the role they needed them to.

The Lakers need Kuzma, Pope or Green to kick it into high gear if they plan on beating this red hot Trail Blazer team. However you can’t count the Lakers out yet. They just need to find a way to stop Damian Lillard and clamp down on their perimeter defense.

I anticipate the Lakers taking game 2 if they can find a player who can shut down, or at least slow down, Dame. They also need someone to wake up and start scoring outside of James and Davis. Kyle Kuzma only scored 14 points and he was third in scoring for the Lakers. This being said, maybe we will see him start in game 2.

On the other hand if the Trail Blazers continue to play the way they played in game one, we may see Trail Blazers win game 2. It will be interesting to see how this series plays out.

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