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We have a 6 game slate on FanDuel NBA DFS tonight! With lock at 7:00 PM EST, here’s who I like to build our lineup pyramid today.

Our lineup pyramid is made up of 3 base players, 2 high-upside players, and the top overall scorer on the slate.

Remember, value is determined by reaching 5x the price for the player. Example: a price tag of $10,000 means the player needs to get 50.0 FPTS. Ideally, we want guys that smash that value for 7x-8x their worth.

Pyramid Base

Our pyramid base will consist of 3 players that I feel are safe plays today. These guys should reach value with ease and are a solid foundation for our FanDuel NBA DFS lineups.

  • Christian Wood, PF, Pistons
  • Julius Randle, PF, Knicks
  • De’Aaron Fox, PG, Kings

Our Pyramid Base tonight contains a couple of big men in tough spots with that’ll get great run, and an under priced PG.


Starting with Christian Wood ($7.9k), he’s going to have to potentially battle a returning Joel Embiid in the post. That doesn’t bode well for most players, but, Wood is going to play nearly every minute tonight. With John Henson ruled out, Wood is going to get most if not all of the Center minutes. Not tempted to play Wood still? How about the fact he’s scored 35-50 FPTS each game since this time last month.

Now, hear me out, we’re going to have to play Knicks players today. Usually we abide by the rule of not doing so, as well as not betting on Knicks… but that changes tonight. Julius Randle ($7.6k) doesn’t have the best matchup against the Hawks because they can somewhat slow down the Forward position players. But, this game could be the highest scoring on the slate. With a ton of real points being scored, that means fantasy points are going to popping as well. Randle is the go-to guy on the Knicks and should come close to scoring 45 FPTS.

The last guy on the base of our Lineup Pyramid for FanDuel is De’Aaron Fox ($7.8k). Fox is priced accurately with his average FPTS per game over the last week or so worth of games. I have him on a floor of 35 FPTS tonight but a matchup with the Pelicans gives him 55 FPTS upside. The Pelicans backcourt is turnover happy which puts a guy like Fox in an excellent situation. Fox will rack up a few steals and even more fast break points.

Pyramid Middle

The middle of our lineup pyramid is reserved for high-upside guys, players that may be overlooked, or players that I project will obliterate their FanDuel NBA DFS value.

  • Thon Maker, C, Pistons
  • Elfrid Payton, PG, Knicks

Thon Maker ($4.0k) is in a similar boat as teammate Christian Wood, but Maker is obviously less talented. I have Maker projected to play around 20 minutes and accumulate roughly 26 FPTS. That’s a 6.5x value on Maker with the possibility for even more upside.

We keep stating the obvious and we’re about to once again. Play guards against the Atlanta Hawks! Even though the guards tonight are members of the Knicks, we have to play them against the Hawks. Elfrid Payton ($6.2k) is one or the more volatile fantasy players in the NBA. but the spot is looking good for him tonight. Basically, Payton is going to have to chuck shots tonight and he’ll get the horrendous Hawks guards defense trying to stop him. Payton can score anywhere in the 20-50 FPTS range tonight. I’m banking on the latter half of that for this slate.

Some other names to keep an eye on for our pyramid middle include:

  • RJ Barrett, SG, Knicks
  • Terry Rozier, PG, Hornets
  • Josh Richardson, SG, 76ers
  • Tim Hardaway, SF, Mavs

Pyramid Top

The top of our lineup pyramid is for who I project will be the top overall FPTS scorer on the slate. This player will be the most beneficial to roster and should be a focal point of your FanDuel NBA DFS lineup.

  • Luka Doncic, PG, Mavs

This one is nearly too obvious for this slate. Luka ($11.2K) is playing once again without Kristops Porzingis which means he’s getting all the usage he can handle. I have Luka projected for 65 FPTS tonight which is the clear top scorer on the slate. Both the Mavs and Nuggets are battling for playoff spots so this game is being discussed as a must-win for the western conference hopefuls. The difficulty with Luka on this slate is his extremely high price tag. Try your best to fit Luka into your lineups tonight and good luck!


Who do you think is the best play tonight on FanDuel? Should we lock in any 1 player and build around them? Let me know in the comments below! Also, check out the shop and other content by clicking here.

-Mitchell Seefeldt

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