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We have a 10 game slate on FanDuel NBA DFS tonight! With lock at 7:30 PM EST, here’s who I like to build our lineup pyramid today.

Our lineup pyramid is made up of 3 base players, 2 high-upside players, and the top overall scorer on the slate.

Remember, value is determined by reaching 5x the price for the player. Example: a price tag of $10,000 means the player needs to get 50.0 FPTS. Ideally, we want guys that smash that value for 7x-8x their worth.

Pyramid Base

Our pyramid base will consist of 3 players that I feel are safe plays today. These guys should reach value with ease and are a solid foundation for our FanDuel NBA DFS lineups.

  • Devonte’ Graham, SG, Hornets
  • Terry Rozier, PG, Hornets
  • John Collins, PF, Hawks

Our Pyramid Base is filled with guys in the highest projected scoring game. This Hornets and Hawks matchup is where we want to start when filling our lineups on this tiny 3-game slate.

I’m just going to group Graham and Rozier together right here. We play guards against the Hawks defense! This is always the case because Trae Young is one one of the worst defenders in the NBA and opposing guards feast on the young stud. With both guys cheap on FanDuel, it’s very easy to get to both of the Hornets starting backcourt tonight. A floor of 30 FPTS and upside into the mid-40’s for FPTS is doable for the Hornets guards.

On the other side of the same game, John Collins is one of the few studs available on this slate. Collins has scored more than 35 FPTS in 15 of his last 17 games, and one of those was 34.9 FPTS! As the best PF option on this slate by a longshot, Collins will be in nearly every lineup.

Pyramid Middle

The middle of our lineup pyramid is reserved for high-upside guys, players that may be overlooked, or players that I project will obliterate their FanDuel NBA DFS value.

  • Eric Bledsoe, PG, Bucks
  • Khris Middleton, SG, Bucks

With Giannis Antetokounmpo out for this game, we simply play the 2 guys that will eat up all of the Bucks missing usage. The price for Eric Bledsoe on FanDuel was not changed despite the Giannis news tonight. That means we’re getting a guy that feasibly can score 50 FPTS tonight for $6.2k. In the Bucks last game without Giannis, Bledsoe scored 42.1 FPTS and that’s what I have him projected near once again.

Anything that I can say for Bledsoe is simply amplified when it comes to Khris Middleton. He’ll get more usage than Bledsoe and is the Bucks clear-cut #1 option when Giannis misses time. For only $7k on this FanDuel slate, Middleton is my top SG available tonight as he can easily score north of 60 FPTS. Beware of ownership though, Middleton is going to be popular on this slate.

Some other names to keep an eye on for our pyramid middle include:

  • Brook Lopez, C, Bucks
  • PJ Washington, PF, Hornets
  • The Atlanta Hawks Starters

Pyramid Top

The top of our lineup pyramid is for who I project will be the top overall FPTS scorer on the slate. This player will be the most beneficial to roster and should be a focal point of your FanDuel NBA DFS lineup.

  • Trae Young, PG, Hawks

Trae Young is capable of being the top scorer on any slate, let alone one that only has 3 games. If that weren’t enough, Young is only $9.6k on FanDuel tonight! The last 2 games he’s played in, Young has admittedly played poorly. But, tonight is the perfect bounce back spot for Young as his team and the Hornets are projected to play little defense in a high scoring game. Young scores north of 50 FPTS on a consistent basis and even has a few 70+ FPT games to his credit.


Who do you think is the best play tonight on FanDuel? Should we lock in any 1 player and build around them? Let me know in the comments below! Also, check out the shop and other content by clicking here.

-Mitchell Seefeldt

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