It is almost that time of year, the time where families gather and enjoy spending time with one another. Holiday music is on every radio station and TV specials are on 24-hour loops for the season. Family recipes are being shared and all of us are voluntarily wearing sweatpants whether we are leaving the house or not. When the evening is upon us, and dinner has been cleaned up, the family sits around the table for one more activity before a great nights sleep. The family board game.

Only this time there is a twist! Some NFL head coaches have joined the family and want to be included. Except there is only one spot at the table open for someone to play. Among the new family members, there is Grandpa Bill Belichick, Uncle Ron Rivera, Cousin Mike Tomlin, and your brother-in-law Kliff Kingsbury. Each of them has a completely different personality and has their game preferences. Who will join the family board game this year?

Grandpa Bill

Bill Belichick for NFL coach family board game

A man of few words, Grandpa Bill has a system when it comes to board games and he rarely, if ever, loses. Years ago he was caught using the family security cameras to study his family members’ board game strategies. And forget about that backyard football game, the balls all seem to be flat. If Grandpa Bill is joining the table, you are going to have to play his way. 

Best Games: Life, Catan

Worst Games: Clue, Trouble, Scrabble

Uncle Ron

Ron Rivera for NFL coach family board games

The wildcard in the family, Uncle Ron always bets on himself. He married your Aunt even though she’s had three failed marriages, a lot of baggage, and her kids were not making the honor roll anytime soon. But that does not matter to Uncle Ron, he is the only 2nd person in his side of the family to ever get married and he is proud of it. Watch out for a board flip though, he is known to get pretty aggressive late in the game.

Best Games: Risk, Battleship

Worst Games: Jenga, Operation

Cousin Mike

Mike Tomlin for NFL coach family board game

The life of the party! Cousin Mike is always ready for a good time and because of this, 2 of his 3 kids moved out early and to opposite sides of the country. He still has your nephew Benny by his side and he insists that his dad is the best at board games. We all love Cousin Mike and are quick to dismiss that one time he got a traffic ticket for cutting off an emergency vehicle. Just don’t let him be the banker during the board game. 

Best Games: Sorry, Twister

Worst Games: Monopoly, Chutes-and-Ladders

Brother-in-Law Kliff

Kliff Kingsbury for NFL coach family board game

He’s here to shake things up and prove that he belongs in the family, your brother-in-law Kliff is very unconventional. Kliff has not been the most successful in life, but he keeps earning second chances because he is just “so damn good-looking” according to the women in the family. Looking to earn some respect in the family, Kliff will try to convince everyone to play his wacky card games and might even try to run up the score on you if you cannot slow him down.

Best Games: Cards Against Humanities, Yahtzee

Worst Games: Stratego, Candy Land

Who’s joining the table?

Well, the choice is yours, who will be joining the family for the annual board game? Were you able to decipher the coaches’ personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses? What other coaches do you think should join the family at the table? Let me know in the comments down below!Also, check out the shop and other content by clicking here.

-Mitchell Seefeldt

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