Congratulations to the Washington Nationals on winning the 2019 MLB World Series! This is the first championship in franchise history for the Nationals. Since moving to Washington from Montreal in 2005, the Nationals have won their division 5 times but never made it to the World Series… until now! Led by Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg, Juan Soto, and Anthony Rendon, the Washington Nationals toppled the Houston Astros in the 2019 MLB World Series. Once again, congratulations to our new MLB Champions. I am still in shock at the record-breaking World Series fact that this is the 1st time the road team has won each and every game in a World Series.

Max Scherzer via Arturo Pardavila III for MLB World Series
Max Scherzer via Arturo Pardavila III

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-Mitchell Seefeldt

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