Fox Premiere

Staples Center

Los Angeles, CA

Opening Segment

We start the premiere of Smackdown on Fox with Vince and Stephanie McMahon. They cut to the new intro to the show and it is amazing! 

Becky Lynch makes her entrance now. Becky tells the crowd she’ll kick someone’s ass to start the Fox premiere off right. Baron Corbin cuts her off and says that he should be the one to kick the show off. They both get interrupted by… THE ROCK! Rock and Becky dap up in the ring. Rock grabs a mic and cuts a promo stating how he created the “Smackdown” phrase. Corbin cuts him off and says that Rock is no longer the great one, he is. Rock starts laying in the insults and Becky joins in on the fun. Becky and Rock start the beat down on Corbin which Rock finishes with a Rock Bottom.

Grade: A, Rock puts Becky over to start the Fox Premiere

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks and Bayley

The 4 horsewomen of the WWE Woman’s evolution get the first match of the Fox premiere. Charlotte and Bayley start the match off and Bayley gets control early on. Sasha tags in but Charlotte gets an advantage on her. With Sasha big booted to the outside, Charlotte goes up top but Bayley sends her crashing to the outside. Commercial break with the heels getting the upper hand.

Back live and Charlotte is making the hot tag to Becky. Becky hits a Beck-Sploder and a leg drop but Bayley kicks out. Charlotte tags in and hits Natural Selection but Sasha breaks up the pin attempt. All 4 women get involved in the middle of the ring before Charlotte hits a moonsault to the heels on the outside. Bayley and Charlotte reenter the ring and Charlotte gets Bayley to tap out to the Figure-Eight.

Result: Charlotte and Becky win via submission after Bayley submits to the Figure-Eight

Grade: B+, sets up a possible Charlotte vs Bayley match on Sunday

New Day (Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods) Backstage Promo with Erin Andrews

Kofi hypes up the WWE Championship match later tonight.

Grade: B, having Erin Andrews do the interview adds some “legitimacy” for the casual fans.

Seth Rollins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Sami Zayn

Before the match, the FireFly Fun House starts! Ramblin’ Rabbit is dressed as Rollins and Bray Wyatt has them demonstrate what will happen on Sunday. Mercy the Buzzard plays the role of The Fiend and rips apart Ramblin’ Rabbit, killing him. Bray says that now, it’s Rollins turn. Seth Rollins looks shook standing in the ring because of what he just saw.

Nakamura starts the match by locking in an armbar but Rollins powers out and sends Nakamura to the outside. They both reenter the ring and Nakamura misses a Kinshasha. Rollins hits the knee from the top rope and looks to go for The Stomp. Lights out! Rollins runs to the entrance ramp but is met by The Fiend as he locks in the Mandible Claw.

Result: Seth Rollins wins via DQ after The Fiend interferes 

Grade: B, more build for the Rollins / Fiend match but Nakamura looked fairly weak for a champion in his own right

Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon in a Ladder Match: Loser Leaves WWE

Owens interrupts Shane’s entrance by attacking him. Owens sets a ladder on the barricade and ring apron and slams Shane into it. Owens starts to climb a new ladder to try to win but Shane stops him. When Owens goes to get another ladder, Shane kicks it into him before setting Owens on the announce table. Shane goes to the top rope looking for a dive to put Owens through the table… it connects! Both men go crashing through the announce table as we go to commercial break.

Back live and Owens has Shane set up on the first ladder I described… Frog Splash! Both men go through the ladder! Owens goes to climb the ladder but Shane has a steel chair and starts teeing off on Owens. With Owens down in the corner, Shane places a ladder in front of him and hits the Coast to Coast! Shane now starts to climb the ladder but Owens grabs him and hits a KO Bomb onto a ladder that was perched on the ropes in the corner! Owens climbs the ladder and grabs the briefcase! Owens grabs a mic and yells, “you’re fired” at Shane before hitting a Stunner on him.

Result: Owens wins

Grade: A+, big moves and no more Shane McMahon

Paul Heyman Backstage Interview

Heyman cuts to the video package of Brock attacking Rey and Dominik Mysterio last Monday. Heyman says that Brock will become champion tonight, nothing new here.

Grade: C

Braun Strowman and The Miz and Heavy Machinery (Otis and Tucker) vs. Dolph Ziggler and A.J. Styles and Robert Roode and Randy Orton

Strowman nearly pins Ziggler but Roode saves the day. Then, everyone hits their finishers. Strowman goes to the outside of the ring and hits his Running Shoulder Tackles on the heels. Strowman hits the Running Powerslam on Ziggler for the pinfall. During the match, Strowman had an altercation with Tyson Fury, heavyweight boxer, at ringside.

Result: Strowman pins Ziggler to win the match for the faces

Grade: C+, sets up a Strowman vs. Fury Wrestlemania match down the line potentially

Roman Reigns vs. Erick Rowan in a Lumberjack Match w/ Daniel Bryan on Commentary

Rowan starts with the power advantage and when Reigns gets set to the outside, the heel lumberjacks beat him down some more. When the inverse happens, Rowan fights off the babyface lumberjacks. Rowan slams Reigns into the barricade as we go to commercial with the babyface and heel lumberjacks squaring off with each other.

Back live and Rowan is in control of Reigns. Reigns fights out of a hold and hits a Samoan drop for a 2-count. Rowan reverses a Superman Punch but gets caught on a rebound Superman Punch. Luke Harper starts to come down to the ring but the lumberjacks stop him. Reigns dives over the top rope into the mass of superstars but Rowan pulls him back into the ring afterward. With the lumberjacks out of the equation, Bryan goes to the aid of Reigns and Reigns hits Rowan with a Spear for the win.

Post-Match: Daniel Bryan completes his babyface turn by shaking hands with Roman Reigns

Result: Reigns wins via pinfall after a Spear

Grade: B, if 50/50 booking is still a thing, the heels will win on Sunday

Main Event: Kofi Kingston (WWE Champion) vs. Brock Lesnar in a WWE Championship Match



Result: Lesnar wins via pinfall after an F-5, New Champion

Grade: A-, Cain Velasquez vs. Brock Lesnar in WWE


Wow, what a Smackdown. I feel bad for Kofi but man… that was amazing.

Overall Grade: A+, simply awesome

-Mitchell Seefeldt

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