This will be short and to the point. After seeing what happened to Jamaal Williams and Avonte Maddox last night, no one can complain about players salaries. Williams had movement in his extremities, we saw that as he was stretched off of the field. The same cannot be said about Maddox… as he was completely immobilized while being stretchered off.

Football is a dangerous sport and these guys are risking their futures. If the wear and tear on the human body wasn’t enough, there’s also the impact on their mental health. We are hearing an increasing amount of stories from former players about how they’re suffering. Rob Gronkowski said that he couldn’t even enjoy winning the Super Bowl because he was in so much pain.

Personally, I was told to walk away from football because of my concussion history. These guys make their living destroying their own bodies and for what? Our entertainment, that’s what. Avonte Maddox will make $570,000 this year thanks to football. Also thanks to football, Maddox might not be able to walk again.

Hopefully by the time this article posts, we have good news about the health of both Williams and Maddox. But as of midnight, it doesn’t look good.

-Mitchell Seefeldt

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