Thompson-Boling Arena

Knoxville, Tennessee

Opening Promo

Seth Rollins begins the show with his Universal Championship in hand. He talks about he and Strowman lost as a team early last night but respects him because of their match later in the night. Rollins talks about The Fiend and sets up their match at Hell in a Cell. The Firefly Fun House interrupts Rollins and Bray Wyatt fakes being nice to him. Wyatt talks about how Rollins made mistakes in the past and friends forgive… but The Fiend never forgets. Wyatt hints that The Fiend might make an appearance tonight as the segment ends.

Ziggler and Roode / The Revival, Tag Team Summit

As the new tag champions for their respective brands, the champs take the ring and cut promos on the crowd and the other tag teams. Strowman interrupts them and starts a fight with the 4 men. Strowman does his running shoulder tackles to 3 of the men but Roode escapes to the back. 

The OC vs. Cedrick Alexander and the Viking Raiders, 6-Man Tag Match

Alexander starts the match by dominating Styles, a call-back to last night. Erik tags in but lets Styles tag in Anderson after he knocks him down into his own corner. Ivar tags in and works the arm of Anderson after a 2-count. Erik tags back in but Anderson retreats to tag in Gallows. Gallows dumps Erik to the outside for Styles and Anderson to throw him into the barricade. Commercial break.

Back live, Anderson has Erik in a headlock in the center of the ring. Erik gets out of it and tags in Ivar for the hot tag. Ivar tags in Alexander after knocking out everyone. Everyone enters the ring and gets hit with moves. Styles made a stealth tag and hits Alexander with the Phenomenal Forearm for the pinfall victory. 

The OC continues the beat down after the bell but the Viking Raiders make the save. Alexander gets back at Styles for a brief moment but Styles hits a Styles Clash from the second rope on Alexander to end it all.

Result: The OC wins via pinfall

Grade: B

24/7 Championship Video Package

Truth and Carmella are at the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame with their tour guide… Kane! Kane, the Knox County Mayor, persuades Truth to join him for a sitdown interview. That’s the end of the video, and I can’t wait to see Kane hit a Chokeslam later tonight!

King of the Ring Tournament Final: Baron Corbin vs. Chad Gable

Corbin has a huge size advantage, which means an underdog victory for Gable would look even better for his future. On the other hand, a Corbin victory would make him the ultimate heel and give his character a fresh change.

Commentary is hyping up Gable but he is unable to get Corbin to the ground to start without Corbin overpowering him. Gable sends Corbin to the outside and goes for a running move near the barricade but Corbin flips him over the barricade into the timekeepers’ area. Commercial break.

Back live, Gable barely breaks the 10-count but Corbin continues the beat-down. Gable gets some space momentarily but Corbin hits a ferocious clothesline for a 2-count. Corbin takes out Gable again but this time he taunts the crowd. This allows Gable to recover and he knocks Corbin into the ropes but Corbin bounces back and levels Gable. Corbin has been dominating and continues to as he whips Gable into the turnbuckle. Commentary talks about how the Cinderella story might end here but Gable gets an armbar on Corbin. Corbin lifts Gable with ease while locked in the armbar and slams Gable down. Gable continues to get back up valiantly. Gable LOCKS IN THE ANKLE LOCK, Corbin kicks him off but GABLE KEEPS A HOLD OF THE ANKLE! Corbin gets away only for Gable to hit a missile dropkick and multiple running bicycle kicks. Corbin catches Gable and slams him for a 2-count. The crowd and commentary are behind Gable wholeheartedly. Corbin takes Gable to the outside and slams him into the barricade multiple times. Corbin goes to smash Gable into the steel steps but Gable moves out of the way. Gable slams Corbin’s ankle into the ring post multiple times before knocking him down but CORBIN HITS THE DEEP-SIX AND GABLE KICKS OUT AT 2! GABLE HITS THE ROLL THROUGH GERMAN SUPLEX BUT CORBIN KICKS OUT AT 2! Gable goes for the moonsault but Corbin moves. Corbin goes for the End of Days but GABLE REVERSES INTO THE ANKLE LOCK! The crowd and commentary are going crazy for Gable but Corbin reaches the ropes for a rope break. Gable goes for the ankle again but Corbin hits the End of Days, 1-2-3 Corbin wins.

Result: Corbin wins via pinfall

Grade: A-, the crowd love Gable but the Corbin victory sucked the life out of the building

Maria and Mike Kanellis Gender Reveal Party

So this is a thing that is happening. The Street Profits are hosting the party so that helps. Maria reveals that the baby is… a boy! Maria reveals that the baby is actually Ricochets!?!? Angelo Dawkins acts relieved that she didn’t say he was the father. Mike challenges Ricochet to a match because that’s how you settle this kind of matter.

Ricochet vs. Mike Kanellis

Ricochet does not want to fight so Mike beats him up early on. Ricochet finally fights back and easily starts dominating, Recoil, 1-2-3 Ricochet wins.

Result: Ricochet wins via pinfall

Grade: C, pointless but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a little fun

Firefly Fun House

Bray is adding pictures of “friends” that he’s attacked previously to his wall and goes on to say that he needs to make more friends. Commercial break.


Maria reveals that Rusev is actually the father of her unborn child. Rusev goes and attacks Mike who was still laying in the ring. Mike tries to run away but Rusev brings him back into the ring. 

Rusev vs. Mike Kanellis

Rusev hits the Machka Kick and locks in the Accolade, Mike taps out.

Result: Rusev wins via submission

Grade: B+, Rusev is back, I don’t care about the other stuff

24/7 Championship Video Package

Kane is showing Truth around the city. They are at the University of Tennessee football stadium and Kane reveals that the security guard is actually a referee. Truth tries to run away but runs into the goal post! KANE COVERS HIM FOR THE PIN AND IS THE NEW 24/7 CHAMPION!

Rey Mysterio vs. Cesaro

The story here is that Rey doesn’t know if he can still wrestle with the best of them. Cesaro cuts a promo on Rey and says that if Reys’ son Dominic ever tries to join WWE he’ll kick his ass. Right at the bell, Cesaro hits an Uppercut for a 2-count but Rey kicks out. Cesaro is ahead early but Rey launches him into the ring post, sending him to the outside. Rey goes for a dive but Cesaro hits another Uppercut. They battle back and forth until Rey hits a 619 to the spine of Cesaro sending him back to the outside. Rey connects with the dive this time and plants Cesaro with a DDT. Commercial break.

Back live, Cesaro has Rey on the mat and is trying to unmask him. Rey fights back and goes for a hurricanrana but Cesaro hits another huge Uppercut. Cesaro uses Reys’ own slingshot rope move for a 2-count. Rey hits a crucifix driver but can’t capitalize immediately. Rey hits a big DDT off the ropes when Cesaro catches him but can’t get the pinfall. Cesaro hits Rey with a big boot and locks in a crossface but Rey escapes. Rey is able to kick Cesaro into the ropes to set up the 619 but Cesaro catches him and lands a GTS for a 2-count. Cesaro goes for the Three Amigos but Rey reverses by sending Cesaro into the ropes. Rey hits the 619 but is caught when going for the dive. Rey is able to reverse the powerbomb into one of his own. 1-2-3 Rey wins.

Result: Rey Mysterio wins via pinfall

Grade: C-, how does this progress the story of Rey not being able to wrestle anymore? Also, let Cesaro win some matches!

Firefly Fun House

Bray just finished putting up a picture of his new friend, Seth Rollins.

AOP Video Package

The AOP explain their absence by stating that they’re too dangerous and no one has the heart to fight them. Hopefully, they return soon and become the top tag team.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs. Bayley and Sasha Banks in a Non-Title Match

Alexa starts in the ring with Bayley. Bayley and Sasha get some tag moves in as they tag in and out. Alexa fights back and gets Bayley for a 2-count. Sasha pulls Bayley out of the ring to recover but Alexa hits a dive and takes them both out. Alexa appears to have hurt her knee and tags in Nikki who gets pulled into Sasha and Bayley’s corner. Sasha tags in and goes for the pin, 2-count. Sasha hits a suplex, 2-count again. Sasha taunts Alexa allowing Nikki to get some space but Bayley pulls Alexa off the apron and slams her injured knee into the steel steps. Alexa gets medical treatment as we go to commercial.

Back live, Alexa has been taken to the back for medical treatment making this match a 2 on 1 handicap match. Sasha and Bayley tag in and out as they continue to beat down Nikki. They set up for a double team move but Nikki fights out of it! Outside the ring now, Nikki pulls Sasha into the apron and beats her down then throws Bayley into the barricade! The crowd is fully behind Nikki! Back in the ring, Nikki hits crossbody and a bulldog but Bayley gets some space when Sasha creates a distraction. Nikki hits a tornado DDT and a Crossbreaker but Sasha breaks up the pin. Sasha tags in and hits a backstabber into the Bank Statement forcing Nikki to tap out. 

Post Match: Sasha grabs a chair to beat up Nikki some more but Becky makes the save with a chair of her own. Outnumbered 2 to 1, Charlotte makes the save for Becky now! The four horsewomen of women’s wrestling are here and the segment ends with Becky and Charlotte standing tall. Will Becky and Charlotte be able to coexist against a common enemy in Sasha and Bayley?

Result: Sasha and Bayley win via submission

Grade: A, the story develops here and I hope Alexa isn’t legitimately hurt because that landing looked nasty

Sasha Banks Backstage Promo

Sasha cuts a promo on Becky and challenges her to a title rematch at Hell in a Cell.

24/7 Championship Video Package

Kane arrives at Raw in a limo but Truth was riding on top of it the entire time. When Kane gets out of the limo, Truth pins him to regain the championship.

Becky Lynch Backstage Promo

Becky cuts a promo on Sasha and accepts her challenge, but says that the match will take place INSIDE a Hell in a Cell.

Lacey Evans vs. Dana Brooke

I honestly forgot that Dana Brooke was on the roster. It’s a shame that she is about to get squashed by Lacy.

Right at the bell, Lacy lays some shots on Dana. Dana gets some offense in and actually gets a 2-count before Lacy rolls out of the ring. Lacy slams Dana’s face into the hardest part of the ring and then lands an impressive leverage dropkick to Dana. Lacy goes for a pin but Dana kicks out at 2. Lacy then has some back and forth with Dana before hitting the Woman’s Right. Instead of going for the easy pinfall victory, Lacy locks in the Sharpshooter to force Dana to submit.

Result: Lacy wins via submission

Grade: B-, the Sharpshooter was to elongate the feud between Lacy and Natalya 

Seth Rollins vs. Robert Roode w/ Ziggler as a Manager in a Non-Title Match

This match was set up because Roode was the one to pin Rollins last night to win the Raw Tag Team Championships for himself and Ziggler. 

Rollins and Roode start out by exchanging rest holds. Roode lays in the chops in the corner but Rollins gets away momentarily before Roode starts delivering more plows in a different corner. Rollins is able to dump Roode to the outside but when he goes for a dive, Ziggler steps up on the apron for a distraction. Rollins chases him around the ring but knew Roode was waiting for him around the corner and is able to hit a knee strike to Roode’s head. Roode rolls back into the ring after Ziggler gets involved once again. When Rollins tries to get back into the ring, Roode sends him flying into the barricade with a shoulder charge. Roode distracts the referee which allows Ziggler to attack Rollins. Commercial Break.

Back live, Roode has Rollins in a bear hug but Rollins escapes only to get hit with a backbreaker. Roode goes for multiple pinfall attempts but Rollins kicks out every time. Rollins rolls to the outside to recover and ends up superkicking Ziggler. He and Roode battle back and forth on the outside before going back into the ring where Rollins hits a slingblade. Rollins goes for a Falcon Arrow but Roode reverses. Rollins goes for a slingshot dive but Roode goes for a Spinebuster only for Rollins to connect with the Falcon Arrow for a 2-count. Rollins tries going up top but Roode catches him with some punches. Roode goes for a superplex but Rollins reverses and hits Roode with a Bucklebomb. Rollins goes for the pin but Ziggler interferes and causes the DQ.

Post Match: The OC comes out and continues to beat down Rollins with Ziggler and Roode. Styles hits a Styles Clash on Rollins before the 5 heels beat down Rollins some more. KANE IS HERE! Kane fights off the heels 1 by 1 and dishes out some chokeslams! Kane has saved Rollins from the heels! OH NO! THE FIEND IS HERE! The Fiend locks in the Mandible Claw on Kane!

The Fiend crawls up to Rollins who is cowering in the corner which creates a truly terrifying image. The Firefly Fun House intro plays but is intentionally glitching out to create a cryptic message. End of show.

Result: Rollins wins via DQ

Grade: A+, a great ending to this episode of Monday Night Raw


Tonight’s episode of Raw had a lot of great moments but like always, some duds were involved (cough cough, Mike/Maria Kanellis and Lacey Evans, cough cough). A few big returns by Rusev and Kane were really exciting but hands down The Fiend/Bray Wyatt made this entire episode. 

Overall Grade: A-

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