Smackdown: Live Review

September 10th, 2019, Madison Square Garden

Opening Segment


The Undertaker has returned as he makes his long, slow, and “intimidating” entrance to the ring. Undertaker panders to the crowd and states that he might not be able to come back to The Garden as much anymore, you know, because he’s old. 

Sami Zayn interrupts The Deadman and is being his sarcastic self. Zayn says that Undertaker shouldn’t be the in the opening segment because he’s been doing it for 30 years. “The future is Sami Zayn” proclaims Zayn as he tells the Undertaker to leave. Shockingly, The Undertaker obliges until Zayn starts to act ridiculous and mockingly. Undertaker returns to the ring to deliver a Chokeslam to Zayn.


Grade: C, this didn’t help anyone except The Undertaker and he doesn’t need the rub.

Shane McMahon and Chad Gable Backstage Segment

Shane is back and says that Elias has broken his ankle and therefore cannot compete in the King of the Ring matchup against Gable tonight. Gable asks if he gets a bye to finals, and Shane says no, there will be a mystery opponent…

Oh God no… not again… please don’t be Shane again…

Grade: ???

The Miz vs Andrade w/ Zelina Vega

Prediction: Miz wins and stands tall over Shinsuke

Shinsuke Nakamura, the Intercontinental Champion, is at ringside on commentary so that he can scout The Miz for their upcoming title match at Clash of Champions this Sunday. Miz gains control with some arm drags and a toe-drag, sending Andrade outside the ring. Miz goes to run the ropes but Zelina causes a distraction allowing Andrade to land the running double knees to a seated Miz. Commercial break.

Miz is back in control as he hits a neckbreaker for a 2-count when we return from commercial. The It Kicks are being applied by the Miz until Andrade ducks the last big one. Now in the corner, Miz hits some running knees. Andrade tries to land one of his own but mistimes it and ends up toppling over the ropes to the outside. Miz hits Andrade through the ropes into the announce table and throws Andrade into Shinsuke. Miz gets Andrade back into the ring and Zelina distracts him again allowing a pin attempt by Andreda. Miz kicks out and Andrade goes for the Springboard Moonsault into a Standing Moonsault but Miz catches him and hits him with a Skullcrushing Finale for the 3-count.

Result: Miz wins via pinfall

Post Match: Shinsuke hits Miz with a Kinshasa to stand tall

Grade: B+ 

Shane McMahon and Chad Gable Backstage Segment

McMahon announces the Gables opponent tonight is Shane McMahon himself…

Grade: F

Mandy Rose w/ Sonya Deville vs. Nikki Cross w/ Alexa Bliss (Women’s Tag Team Champions)

Prediction: No decision, match gets thrown out

Mandy cuts a promo about how gorgeous she is and how unattractive Nikki is in comparison. Bliss’ music interrupts the promo and she stands on the ramp waiting for Nikki. Nikki’s music hits and she sprints to the ring and attacks Mandy before the bell. The bell rings and Nikki continues the beat down. Mandy creates some separation and hits Nikki with a fallaway slam for a 2-count. Mandy puts Nikki in a straight jacket submission after some kicks in the corner. Nikki gets out of it with a jawbreaker and a back elbow. Nikki then gets the upper hand with a bulldog from the corner. Sonya goes for the distraction but Alexa pulls her off the apron. Nikki goes to the top rope for a crossbody but Mandy dodges and goes for a running bicycle knee strike but gets caught and rolled up by Nikki for a 3-count.

Result: Nikki wins via pinfall

Grade: B

Bayley (Smackdown Women’s Champion) and Ember Moon Backstage Segment

Ember confronts Bayley about her change of attitude. Bayley continues to be the delusional heel thinking that what she does is for the best of everyone. Ember challenges Bayley to a match tonight.

Grade: B-

Heavy Machinery vs Local Competition

Prediction: Heavy Machinery wins in under 2 minutes against the jobbers.

Tucker starts the match manhandling the 1st jobber. The 2nd jobber tags in and gets destroyed for his time too. Tucker panders to the crowd and tags in Otis who was gyrating in the corner. Otis takes off the straps of his singlet and hits The Caterpillar on jobber #2. Tag is made to Tucker so that they can hit The Compactor, 3-count.

Result: Heavy Machinery wins via pinfall

Grade: C+

Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens Backstage Segment

This is already too much Shane McMahon. Shane says that he will remove the $100,000 fine on KO if he is the special referee for the King of the Ring match tonight and makes sure Shane wins. KO reluctantly agrees.

Grade: C, but intrigued by what KO does.

Roman Reigns, Erick Rowan, and Daniel Bryan boondoggle

This recap video is here to make Rowan seem evil for turning on Bryan and attacking Reigns backstage weeks ago.

Rowan enters the ring with a mic to explain his actions. He says that no one understands him and that he cannot be controlled by people. Reigns music hits as he storms down the ramp and into the ring. Reigns hit Rowan with a Superman Punch sending him to the outside. The 2 battle into the crowd exchanging punches. Reigns connects with 2 more Superman Punches but then Rowan launches a “fan” into Reigns and security members. Rowan runs around the ring and hits Reigns and security with a crossbody. They make their way up the ramp and Reigns hits another Superman Punch. Rowan reaches up and grabs a production camera and uses it to level Reigns.

Grade: C+, Reigns is just going to win on Sunday so why are we doing this?

Bayley (Smackdown Women’s Champion) vs Ember Moon in a non-title match w/ Charlotte at ringside on commentary

Prediction: Charlotte attacks Bayley resulting in DQ

Ember gets the upper hand by arm dragging Bayley outside the ring. Bayley then drops Ember by the timekeepers’ area and stares down Charlotte as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, the women are back in the ring and Ember hits Bayley with a springboard crossbody for a 2-count. Ember lifts Bayley up but she hits her with a hurricanrana. Ember goes for the Eclipse but Bayley reverses into the Bayley-to-Belly for the pinfall.

Result: Bayley wins via pinfall

Post-match: Charlotte confronts Bayley as Bayley runs to the back with her title in hand.

Grade: B-

Kofi Kingston (WWE Champion) Promo

Kofi talks about how The Garden was the place that witnessed his initial rise to greatness when he battled Randy Orton years ago and put him through a table. Kofi cuts to a video showing the moment he detailed that occurred nearly 10 years ago. He goes on to state he will do the same thing this Sunday but Orton interrupts him and calls him out for only doing 2 things in his career. Orton says he’s done a million more things in his career than Kofi and drops an S-bomb on live TV that makes Kofi chase after him in the crowd. Orton has a steel chair waiting for Kofi and proceeds to set up Kofi on a table but Kofi fights him off. Steel chair in hand now, Kofi hits Orton repeatedly before setting up a table himself, just like he did 10 years ago. Orton regains control but Kofi kicks him off and the table breaks from underneath them (a botch). Kofi sets up a new table and puts Orton on the table before hitting him with a leg drop from the crowd railing a level up, signs of 10 years ago. 

Grade: B+

King of the Ring Tournament Semifinal: Chad Gable vs Shane McMahon (replacing injured Elias) w/ Kevin Owens as guest referee

Prediction: McMahon wins via shenanigans

Gable hits Shane with a rolling suplex and KO quick counts the pinfall for a Gable victory. Shane grabs a microphone a declares the match is now 2 out of 3 falls, thus giving himself another chance. Shane then blindsides Gable outside the ring and we go to commercial. SHENANIGANS!

We return from commercial and Shane is in the ring gloating as Gable recuperates. Shane continues the beat down on Gable hitting him with a powerslam as well as some punches. Gable goes for another suplex but it gets reversed. Gable then rolls up Shane for a pinfall but KO doesn’t make the count, allowing Shane to kick out. Shane goes for a pin and Gable is forced to kick out of a quick count. KO is seriously conflicted in this match. Gable hits Shane with a bicycle kick and a spinning neckbreaker, then a moonsault… only for KO to slow count the pin. Shane kicks out and regains the advantage with a fireman carry slam but again Gable kicks out of a quick count. Shane brings a chair into the ring and KO has to take it away from him. When KO turns his back, Shane goes for a low-blow on Gable but Gable reverses the move into an Ankle Lock and forces Shane to tap out.

Result: Gable wins via submission

Post-match: Shane attacks KO and FIRES him from the company.

Grade: B

Overall Grade

Tonight’s episode of Smackdown gets a B from me as we saw some good storyline events, but some questionable booking decisions as well. What happens to Kevin Owens now? Hopefully, WWE lets this story shake out and not just have KO return next week… like they did before. Anyways, that was Smackdown! Let me know your thoughts in the comments and be sure to share it with your friends!

-Mitchell Seefeldt

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