Who would you rather have on your team? 

Wide Receivers are often labeled divas and while most prove the cliche is outdated, others are proof that the label rings true. The bombastic stylings of Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens, Randy Moss, and Steve Smith will forever live on in infamy. As the aforementioned proved, sometimes the talent and production far outweigh the headaches they might dish out. Can that be said about the current crop of receivers that GMs are having issues with? 

Antonio Brown 

The drama began last season for Brown as he openly criticized teammates, got into heated arguments in the locker room, and was even demoted to being inactive during the biggest game of the season for the Steelers. Go on to this season and Brown has missed most of camp and the preseason with an injury. That can be understood, injuries happen. However, Brown has also been refusing to practice without his preferred helmet since it was deemed unfit for safe use in today’s NFL. He flew into camp in a hot air balloon and then proceeded to have a heated argument with GM Mike Mayock resulting in a potential suspension on top of fines that for missing time in camp and conduct detrimental to the team. Instead, the Raiders decided to release Antonio Brown on Saturday and he was immediately signed by the New England Patriots. Brown has been a major headache recently, but, he can still be considered one of the very best at his position. He’s 34th all-time in receiving yards with only 2 active receivers ahead on him. Brown led the NFL in receiving yards in 2 of the last 5 years while falling less than 50 yards from leading the league in 3 of the last 5 seasons. The on-field production is always there, but is it worth what Brown brings off the field? 

Josh Gordon 

The entire career of Josh Gordon has been riddled with suspensions and banishments from the NFL. Gordon keeps earning second chances only to have his personal demons come back to haunt him. The situation for Gordon is different from most. This is because whereas others are front and center in the media about what is on their mind, Gordon’s problems with marijuana are keeping him from being reliable. Since being drafted via the supplemental draft in 2012, Gordon has only played in 52 of 112 potential games because of suspensions. Trust and mental health problems seem to the problem that NFL GMs have to deal with when it comes to Gordon. In his lone pro-bowl season, Gordon led the NFL in receiving in 2013 and fantasy football owners will tell you that if Gordon is playing in an NFL game, he should start in your lineup. As an NFL GM, would you take a chance on a talent like Josh Gordon? 

Fantasy or Real 

Do you have a preference for which you like more depending on if you are running a fantasy team as opposed to being a real NFL GM? Apparently the Patriots do not mind having both on the same team, but what about you? Who do you draft earlier in fantasy or make a trade for? Let me know in the comments below! 

-Mitchell Seefeldt 

Statistics courtesy of pro-football-reference.com

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